Wavy Hair Extensions

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Echelon’s Nature Loose Wavy and Deep Wavy hair extensions are 100% authentic Indian virgin hair.  NATURE Loose Wavy and Deep Wavy virgin hair extensions have a signature wave pattern that creates desirable movement and lustrous body.  These long-lasting waves are simply gorgeous, requiring effortless maintenance. These soft, wavy, virgin hair extensions are a great choice for adding natural body, movement, and fullness to any hairstyle.  Rock a stylish deep wavy do’ or roller-set for voluminous curls.  

Echelon’s very popular Wavy hair Collection is our purest 100% virgin Indian hair and the most sought after in the world.  Our premium wavy hair extensions are meticulously wefted and guaranteed to last for years with proper care and maintenance. We DO NOT use chemically processed hair, coloring or silicone on our hair extensions.  The end result is premium virgin hair extensions that are extremely low maintenance, full of luster, and very easy to maintain.  Completely natural and un-processed these luxurious virgin hair extensions provide endless versatility, and will outlast any other virgin hair extension brand.  

It is tangle-free, matte-free, and shed-free.  Each texture can be regularly blow-dried, thermal styled, colored, and permed without compromising its remarkable quality. 

The Collection is offered in lengths 8”-34."